About Us

Computers Made Easy Hawaii, LLC was founded by Gerald Jones in 2000.  Prior to moving to Maui, Mr. Jones spent almost two decades with IBM in Chicago.  During his tenure at IBM he developed invaluable technical skills in computer technology and managed an number of large clients for IBM.

Mr. Jones developed an amiable rapport with his clients, which he brought into the development of Computers Made Easy Hawaii (CME).  CME's focus is on providing superior customer service with cutting edge technical knowledge.  This combination of knowledge and service serves. CME's clients well and provides them security in addressing all of their computer needs.

When calling CME you will receive personalized service from Daryl Ann Jones, co-owner who will ensure that your needs are met in a expeditious manner.  Use the CME team for all of your computer needs and you too will have security in the technology used in your business.

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    Fax: 888-263-0646


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    PO Box 118 Puunene, Hi 96784

    If it's technical .....then we're the techs